Dear Rromalen, 

What happen with this world are we live in peace or in war i can not understand that why happen this with the Rroma people.

The Rroma people became enemy for all the people around the world even we do nothing for them,we are peace people who like to have family no war no political.

Why they dont like us what we done in the past for does people i can not understand really, every day im listen some bad news about the Rroma never some positive new and nobody do nothing to stop this bad dreams.

Im so angry to our Rroma representative people, what they doing what work do for the Rroma, to protect from the peole who dont like us in every second discriminate us.

Just empty word we know to speak to write something to see that we participate somewhere that is our culture to debate in empty to fight each other that we are.

When i see the news about the Rroma around the world im thinking that im in second world war but in moderate way i see nothing change from that time until that time .

Im born as free person nobody can take my freedom,as Rroma im so proud even i dont have my property country, I see that they want to take my freedom but they can never take my freedom.

Devlesa dzi sarinende

Elez Bislim