Roma women on the labour market

The employment of socially vulnerable and excluded citizens still represent serious challenges in The Republic of North Macedonia. Unemployed people, especially the vulnerable, face difficulties when looking for job. The situation of Roma people, especially Roma women as long-term unemployed remain one of the most worrying factors which prevents their full inclusion in society.

While there are improvements in employment and inclusion rates of Roma, the unemployment rate is still high and almost twice as higher compared to the national average. During employment, they face institutional discrimination and unequal treatment, as well as discrimination by the employers and clients on ethnic grounds. Also, Roma faces a series of challenges including a low level of education and limited employment opportunities, institutional shortcomings, discrimination on ethnic grounds from clients and employers, culturological challenges – traditional norms and values of Roma community, lack of information, and access to information about opportunities.

The article is taken from EuropeaCommision

Romania’s one million Roma people have a long, yet little-known history of oppression

Today, anti-Roma prejudice has remained in place. In Romania and across the rest of Europe, Roma people encounter systemic discrimination: being profiled by police, rejected by landlords, denied access to bank accounts, and lacking basic infrastructure in Roma neighborhoods. Thanks to the work of charities, NGOs, and recent European legislation, things are slowly beginning to change — but those hoping to root out anti-Roma racism for good face a daunting uphill battle.

The Calvert Journal spoke to six Roma activists from the creative industries about the challenges both they and their communities face on a daily basis. Bold, creative, engaged and self-aware, these women have embraced their Roma heritage, and are fighting to make a difference in the way Roma people are perceived, and treated in Romanian society today.

the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism in Berlin is in danger

Dear All,

the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism in Berlin is in danger. There have been protests for a few weeks now. We would like to expand these protests - together with you!

Therefore we call on you - initiatives, organizations, cultural institutions, and individuals - to sign our appeal. Please write to us by Sunday, July 5, 2020, by to sign our statement. Please tell us exactly what your names and titles are, with which you want to be included. And please invite other people and organizations to sign.