AVAJA- Avdive doniringa o ambolantno tomofili ko vasta tar i poliklinika Cair..

Sar so sine havlardo avdisaske 25.11.2022 bers,i inicijativa AVAJA doniringa o ambolantno tomofili bash i poliklinika Cair sa mangipnaja ola te vastalinen oleja, numa te ovel ko ikhloviphe hem e dizutnenge tar i komuna Suto Orizari.Sar so vakerna o phanlo lafi bash o hospitalesko kombi ka ovel ko servis na salde e dizutnenge taro Suto Orizari, numa hem ka rotirinel ko komune Butel thaj Cair, Phanle e anibaja sar donacija o kombi hospitalesko thaj bas dejbe avgo saslaribnaskoro dumo e doniribnaske phanlo lafi sine kerdo vakti tar o 2021 bers.



On the night of 2/3 August 1944, the ‘Gypsy Family Camp’ (The Zigeunerlager) at Auschwitz-Birkenau was liquidated. 2,897 men, women and children of Roma or Sinti origin were murdered in the gas chambers by Nazi officers. Their bodies were burned in pits.

Of the 23,000 Roma and Sinti people imprisoned within the camp, it is estimated that around 20,000 were ultimately murdered. The anniversary, often referred to as Zigeunernacht, is an opportunity to remember the Roma and Sinti people murdered under the Nazi regime, and is now marked as Roma Genocide Remembrance Day

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Link :https://www.hmd.org.uk/resource/2-august-1944-zigeunernacht-2/

Antigypsyism: the taboo story of Europe June 9, 2022 ANTIGYPSYISM: THE TABOO STORY OF EUROPE



The European Commission has finally put out its word on the decades-old phenomenon of antigypsyism. From physical attacks in the East to dormant systematic discrimination in the West, Roma people are the taboo story of Europe. Despite the recent efforts of the European institution for inclusion, anti-Roma sentiment is deeply rooted, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified the problem.


The text is taken from the website of Security Destiler