PODGORICA - The fire that broke out Tuesday in a refugee camp in the Konik has burned about 30 huts, and the homeless left about 800 people. No one was killed or injured , the origin of the fire was probably negligence.
The place at which there were dilapidated barracks residents of refugee settlements in Vrela Ribnicka, several hours after the great fire, there was only dust and ashes. Literally everything is burned.Rare managed to save only identity documents, and many of the houses before the onslaught of fire just flown in that wherein they slept. On the spot we found the people who put out the remains of the fire, crying and worried faces of children and the apparent inability to get anything done.

At Ground Zero, we found Kujtim Eminija, who was trying to find something of personal belongings at the site where his house once stood.According to him, a fire broke out in the center of the camp and after that quickly engulfed all the huts.

- It started in a shack in the middle of the village. The wind was blowing and the fire quickly spread to other barracks and everything is burned as a matchbook. I do not know what to do. We lost everything. There are many and one that runs out of the house, let alone twice - Emini said.
Edan the first witness who was a rush is Pajazitaj Gani, president of the Association of Roma and Egyptians displaced from Kosovo, whose house also burned. He said the "news" that they were awakened from sleep and blast the heat that is radiated from the neighboring apartment.

NOT THE FIRST TIME FIRE Roma and refugee camps are not rare. 
So in February 2011. The large fire broke out in a refugee camp where homeless 17 families remained, and one baby was injured. 
After three nights in the open family agreed to move into a camp, which was burned on Tuesday.- I saw the shanty to my kulja fire. I've just flown in that wherein I was. For several minutes the fire was spread over the whole barracks and could not do anything. We watched just how to save lives. We lost everything we've created 13 years - said Pajazitaj.
In his words, firefighters were called immediately after the fire, but they were, he said, occurred only after an hour.
- They were too late. As they arrived the fire has engulfed the entire village which is two hours for the entire burn. When we called them to report a fire, they told us that they do not see any smoke. They managed to save only the hangar where there are gas cylinders - revolted Pajazitaj said, adding that none of them did not contact authorities even told them where to now all these people be housed and what will happen to them.
Firefighters, however, claim that they were at the scene ten minutes after the fire. Radomir Pjescic, the commander of protection and rescue service, said that fire crews were on the ground about six hours.

- Our teams have intervened in the whole area of ​​the fire exit, but a large part of the village burned under the onslaught of fire - said the project finance risk, adding that the situation is under control.
This is not the first time that fire procedures refugee settlement. Three huts burnt in 2001. year, and even then there were no victims.
Numanović: they will all be resettled
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Suad Numanovic visited the camp and after a meeting with representatives of UNHCR and the European Commission promised to help. 
He said he would be provided for all food, and promised that they will soon be provided to accommodate all who have lost their homes.
- Will try that next day we find alternative accommodation such as barracks Olives or some of the schools that currently do not work - Numanovic said, adding that it will all be housed somewhere.
Competent services are organized and operational staff, who will be 24 hours respective Councils in the next few days, and who will act in the direction of health and hygiene care.
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