Similarities of the Romani language and Hindi (Prof. Arvind Singhal)
16/07/2012 - Professor Arvind Singhal from University of Texas @ El Paso visited Slovakia in July 2012 already for the second time. He visited several Roma settlements mostly in southern and eastern Slovakia.

During his stay Arvind met with a team of researchers who are interested in Positive Deviance as "an approach to social change that enables communities to discover the wisdom they already have and then to act on it".

Arvind's rich experience with Positive Deviance approach will be very valuable for the Slovak team of researchers as it can be also applied to Roma-related social problems. In cooperation with the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at Comenius University and the Slovak Academy of Sciences the team would like to contribute to reconsidering social work with marginalized and disadvantaged (Roma) communities in Slovakia and facilitate their endeavors towards changing their own fate.