Building regional strategies reception and integration of Roma

We have to live these last days difficult times with the evacuation of several Roma camps in France. The European Union has once again put on alert on this subject and it is duty. This reminds us of the policy for several years by the previous government, like the speech of Grenoble, in August 2010. We learned one thing from this period: unresolved evacuations are useless, or worse they reinforce xenophobia and racism in society! And this is what is happening now in France. We are accountants.

Following the evacuation of Roma settlements, it is indeed postpone the issue of accommodation and of humanitarian aid to other towns, other areas ... these are the actions of some imagination and of any humanistic perspectives! Migrants who are in transit or in extremely precarious situation will not disappear after a court disposal. They look for another place to camp. They will be welcomed in other jurisdictions or by the humanitarian community. But we know one thing: 

They will be increasingly marginalized by their own situations and the disastrous image that refers to our citizens.

We need to invent ways home that allow integration of transit or perennial in our society rather than trying to ban them. For this, the role of local authorities is essential. This is what we know from experience we "elected hospital." For several years, against the current, we create the conditions for integration of migrants in transit, particularly in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Without means, without noise, against the orders of the local representatives of the state, we are trying to create the conditions of dignity. Much remains to be done to allow proper integration and acceptance by our citizens. But we can get there if the state, if the minister of the interior are on our side.
First base member more eviction without solution! If the state intervenes is because there was a court decision. If justice has been entered, it is because local officials felt isolated and helpless in the face of popular pressure growing stronger. It is therefore our collective responsibility to have a coordinated response, and humanist active for the reception and integration. For this you need to create a framework for security: for Roma and migrants, for neighborhood security, security for elected officials. Any action "farm" without perspective is otherwise against productive.

It exists on the national territory of elected who stood up for the reception and integration of migrants. Minister of the Interior, you need to be at their side. You need to create incentives for prefects roundtables to construct responses which are part time and not startle reactions in the summer. These workplaces should bring together representatives of the State, local government officials concerned, humanitarian associations. Like the national strategies for Roma through the European Union, we need to create the regional level regional strategies reception and integration. We "elected hospital," we are waiting for us to mobilize in this context, rather than return to court and dismiss the matter to tomorrow nauseating.