By Order R-193/02.08.2012 of the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov Interagency Working Group for Resource Provision of Roma Integration with EU funds is established. The group is chaired by the Minister on management of EU funds Tomislav Donchev. It involves the heads of the Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies of OP "Human Resources Dvelopment", OP "Regional Development" and Rural Areas Development Programme as well as representatives of organizations working on Roma integration. The latter were determined following the procedure of choice, held in May and include: Deyan Kolev (Amalipe) Gancho Iliev ("World Without Borders") Rumyan Sechkov (Foundation SEGA) Spaska Mikhailova (Association "New Road"), Dr. Stefan Panayotov (Foundation "Health of the Roma"), Prof. Ivailo Turnev (Foundation "Health problems of minorities") and Stella Kostova (Roma Academy of Culture and Education). Deputies are Dimitar Dimitrov, Teodora Koleva, Nikolay Kirilov, Julia Grigorova and Petya Ivanova.

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