My dear Rromalen thaj Penjalen, this article is just to remember everyone that the Rroma holocaust didn`t finish,’ cause even is gone the second war, in 21th we still suffer, discrimination , deporting, houses burned, racism , etc.. So now we have 2 holocausts the old and the new.

The Second World War was all around the world and a lot of  people  were killed and abused, the most part Jews and Rroma. The war finished for everybody, but for the Rromani people not, the holocaust for them still exist, there`s no peace for the Rroma in this "democratic" world. Even when they have some peace continue existing problems in the country‘s for the Rroma , they are discriminated, abused from the people, the woman are sterilized, move from the places, etc..

The way that the Rroma are seen: Dirty, non-literacy, not integrated in the society, thief, people that read cards, fortune telling, musicians, dancers, early wedding, traditional, etc.

The Rroma people are called by many names: Gypsy, Gitano, Cigano, Zitan, Cigani, Tzigan, Rrom, Kalon, Zingare, etc,

I ask to my self many times, what happened in the Rromani people past. Why nobody likes us? Why the simple fact to born Rroma makes someone become hated for the non- Rroma ? What was our so serious mistake, to live like nomad even in the 21 century, if we are the most peaceful people in this world? When will be the end of the nightmare?

The article is to see what is different between Second World War and Present time