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Internship at the Romedia Foundation - Budapest

Call for Applications
with the financial support of the Open Society Roma Initiatives

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 15, 2012

With the support of the Open Society Roma Initiatives, the Romedia Foundation is announcing a 2012-2013 call for applications for a six-month internship for young Roma graduates.

“Having arrived with my experiences in the field of media, the Romedia Foundation has provided many new perspectives in making documentaries and working with contemporary digital technologies. It is the first time in my life that I have been part of a real Roma NGO which is a good foundation from which to continue and build my career in this field.”
Csaba Molnár, intern at Romedia Foundation in 2012

The Romedia Foundation is a Romani non-governmental organization based in Budapest, Hungary, working to contribute to a positive perception of Romani ethnic identity, combating anti-Romani prejudice and to provide alternative information to policy makers on Roma through the production of films and videos, international multi-media campaigns and public events. The organization was founded in 1992 and has since sought to make use of television broadcasting, publishing and the opportunities offered by multi-media digital technology to disseminate an insider’s viewpoint on Roma issues, promote the self-representation and empowerment of Romani activists and challenge centuries-old prejudices about Roma.

The Romedia Foundation’s latest documentary film, Uprooted – Children’s Perspectives on Europe’s Repatriation Policies, entered the top three in the Child and Family Awards category at the 8th Al-Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival (Doha, Qatar, 2012). Teaser available here
The Romedia Foundation’s award-winning Mundi Romani – The World through Roma Eyes news documentary series ran on Duna Television, Hungary between 2007 and 2011. Showreel available here
The “I’m a Roma Woman” campaign has been running since 2009 and is to be further developed throughout 2012-2013.

The Internship has the following main objectives:
To give Roma interns an idea of the audiovisual tools at our disposal to bring the voice of Roma around the world to large audiences, thus challenging stereotypes and working on the development of a common, positive and constructive Roma identity
To provide interns with working experience in professional film production in the Romedia Foundation studio and, when possible, on location at film shoots – to provide them with the opportunity to take part in the work of a professional film/television team, learn scripting, camera work, editing and producing on a basic level
To provide interns with an insight into the situation of Roma around Europe and the world
To enable interns to enrich and put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their studies or professional careers

Internship Description
- Preparing reports and replying to queries, filing, linguistic revision of texts
- Internet research on Roma issues
- Communication with civil society and media partners
- Support in implementation of the Romedia Foundation’s communications strategy (Web 2.0, press release drafting)
- Film scripting
- Translation (English – Romanes to/from; intern’s native language – English to/from)
- Project drafting
- Web content development

Open Society Foundations requirements

Roma-related audiovisual content production
During the internship, the intern will be expected to be involved in the production of media content designed to provide an insider's perspective on an issue related to Roma. The intern, putting the know-how gained during the internship into practice, will organize the filming (pre-production) and/or do interviews and/or handle the camera and/or participate in the post-production process (translation, scripting, editing, subtitling, graphic design, sound mastering, etc.), according to his/her capacities and interests. The task will be implemented with the assistance and expertise of the Romedia Foundation. Specifically, the intern would produce an advocacy-based short video with the help of a professional crew. The task aims to provide young Romani interns with the practical tools to express the voice of their communities through audiovisual content production and the professional use of media advocacy.

Community Service Project
Upon completion of the internship and using the material produced during the internship, the returning intern is expected to implement a community service project. For this purpose, the intern will be put the experience and skills obtained during the internship into practice at a local level and share the know-how acquired during the internship  (organization of screenings, media analysis and interview methodology, etc.) The Romedia Foundation will provide guidance and mentoring (from Budapest) to the intern during the implementation of the project.

Additional Tasks (depending on applicant’s profile)
Organization of filming in any location: getting and keeping in touch with local contacts, travel and accommodation arrangements, filming permits, etc.
Subtitling in Final Cut Pro
Assistance in basic accounting tasks (budget drafting, financial reporting to
Administrative tasks
IT technical support
Note: The Romedia Foundation will ensure participation of the intern at conferences/workshops/meetings when appropriate.

Profile of interns:
Nationals of European states (including non-EU), Turkey, Caucasus, US, Canada, Latin America who are of Roma origin.
Working knowledge of English; knowledge of Romanes is an asset.
Good knowledge of international and regional challenges related to Roma.
Experience in civil society work and/or human rights lobbying is an asset.
Experience in journalism/media work is an asset.
The candidates must have completed a course of university education and obtained a full degree or its equivalent by the closing date for applications.
Computer literacy (Word, Excel); knowledge of working with image-editing programs (Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut) is an asset.

Time frame:
Six-month internship in Budapest, Hungary.
Starting date: October 15th, 2012
Ending date: April 15th, 2013

Note: Candidates should only apply if they seriously intend to take up the offer of an internship at the Romedia Foundation. Notification of withdrawal from the program after selection is unacceptable as it precludes others from this opportunity and is a source of inconvenience to both the Open Society Roma Initiatives and the Romedia Foundation.

Working conditions:
Relevant infrastructure (office space, computer, etc.) will be provided by the Romedia Foundation.
The Romedia Foundation office has a central location in the Buda side of the city.

Practical information:
Ø Trainees must hold upon their arrival the proper permit/visa in relation to their country of origin as required by the Hungarian authorities for a 6-month stay.
Ø Accommodation expenses are included in the Open Society Roma Initiatives grant. The interns must arrange accommodation themselves. However, the Romedia Foundation might assist the interns in finding suitable accommodation. The Romedia Foundation will provide them with basic information and guidance at the beginning of the internship.

The internship grant:
Financial assistance for the internship is provided by the Open Society Roma Initiatives to the Romedia Foundation. The 6-months internship grant covers:
Ø Travel expenses to and from Budapest and local travel in Budapest will be arranged by the Romedia Foundation (using the cheapest available means of transportation). Actual travel expenses will be covered by the Romedia Foundation up to a maximum of 252,000 HUF (900 EUR at the current exchange rate)/6 months.
ØAccommodation, subsistence: 173,600 HUF (620 EUR at the current exchange rate)/month. The monthly payment will be made directly by the Romedia Foundation to the intern via bank wire (the Romedia Foundation will assist the intern in opening a bank account in Hungary).
ØHealth and accident insurance provided.

Please submit your application (CV and motivation letter) by e-mail by September 15, 2012. E-mail:

Required application documents:
·        Copies of all the university degrees/diplomas obtained and declared in the CV (for candidates who have completed their degree course but who have not yet received an official degree certificate, a formal official statement from university confirming the degree result is sufficient)
·        Europass CV. You can download the Europass CV template at:
·        One or two reference/recommendation letter(s) about work experience declared in the CV
·        Motivation letter
·        Small Community-Based Service project proposal (template attached as Annex)