UneThe Roma and the health sector

There should be conditions for the official health, educational and systems for employment to be more opened toward Roma. But, a more urgent suggestion is the need to emphasize the need for health education, vaccination of children and the reproductive health as soon as possible

The Roma are with weaker health compared to the general population. Although they won’t admit, they face diseases growing up. Most of them have no access to health services, the level of vaccinated children is low, and the financial power to pay for health services decreases. These are part of the results from the research of UNDP, the World health organization and the European commission – a regional research in 12 countries from Central and Southeast Europe. The research was conducted during 2011.
Different studies have shown that the Roma have weaker health compared to the general population in the countries from Central and Southeast Europe, countries in which most of them live. And the research showed limited access to health insurance, low percent of vaccination with the children, difficult access to medical services of physical nature, and the level of availability of health services is also concerning.
The research also pointed out that the Roma face the fact that they have health problems after the diseases become acute, mostly in late years.
The combination of the socio-economic conditions in which they live, mostly because of the social isolation of the Roma in the societies in which they live (especially in the educational system and formal labor markets), as well as the unhealthy way of life, are mostly the reasons for this health condition.
Perception of the health status. Although the Roma generally have a positive view of their health, the research notices that they report more urgent medical visits and that they probably suffer from various disadvantages and addictions. This can be explained with the low approach of the Roma households to the health services.http://ednomagazine.com/en/health-rights/unequal-approach-the-roma-and-the-health-sector