Dear Rromalen from the world,

Our day is coming soon and we prepare to celebrate the 08 April the biggest day for the Rroma around the world. As one small notes i sow that many Rroma dont know the history of the celebration *(The International Day) and also own history(Rromani Hostory) where come from who they are so on the attach is the link with some basic information to know about them self and the most imported day 08.April.

Rromalen andari Lumija,

Amaro dive avela sigate em sarine adzikerena o  amaro 08 Aprili naj baro dive e Rromengoro andi Lumija. Jekh tikno notes ,but Rroma na dzanena i istorija soske sarine si bahtale basho akava dive so avela no agjare da na dzanena pumari istorija kotare avena.kola thane ola odoleske ko attach isi linko basho sa odola informacije basic te dzanen basho lenge thaj basho dive so avela 08 April.