Fashist Rise will be Protested in April 8

Like last year, racist and fashist organizations will be protested in April 8
 which is celebrated every year as International Roma Day due to the
 anniversary of 1. World Roma Congress gathered in London in 1971, 
April 8. It's the basic aim of the activities which will be organized all around 
Europe to create a public sensibility about the fashist rise.  
Organizations representing Roma have organized various activities to create sensibility about racist and fashist organization targeting Roma, 
other minorities, muslims and everybody who ise different from the majority. \
This year there will be a camp close to the European Parliament. 
There will be a film festival in Skopje and an exhibition in Strasbourg.
 Besides, International Romani Union will gather the 8th Internation Roma 
Congress in Sipiu in Romania. Roma from various countries will discuss the 
racism and the other threats targeting Roma in April 7.