Roma community satisfied with their rights in Kosovo

While Roma citizens are satisfied with their rights in Kosovo, the local and international officials say that preservation of tradition and values of this community requires hard work and better conditions for their education and employment.

On the occasion of the International Roma Day, the all institutions’ leaders gathered to discuss the rights of Roma whereas the latter said they are satisfied with their rights in Kosovo.
Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Samuel Zbogar, said that they are concerned about Roma community especially for their children’s healthin Esteroda camp in Mitrovica.
On the other hand, deputy prime minister and minister of justice, Hajredin Kuçi, said that Roma rights are often incomplete.
“I wish Roma to have more reasons to celebrate today and have better living conditions”. He advised that the awareness of this community should be raised, so that they fight for their rights.
Meanwhile, Zylfi Merxha, the representative of this community, said that the Roma in Kosovo have their rights in all aspects.