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Replies to a questionnaire needed to prepare major conference next year on Roma women.Finland will host the 4th International Roma Women’s Conference in autumn 2013. To be co-organised by the Finnish government, the Council of Europe, and Roma women’s associations, the conference aims to strengthen cooperation among Roma women networks and to lay the groundwork for a European action plan for Roma women.

To best prepare for the 4th International Roma Women’s Conference the Finnish government, with the assistance of the Romanian National Center for Roma Culture, has drafted this questionnaire to gather informed opinions on the themes and the key issues to be addressed at the conference. Interested partners are requested to answer the questionnaire by 12 September 2012.Questionnaire results – which will facilitate participation of European Roma women associations and other relevant conference partners – will be presented at a preparatory meeting for the conference to be hosted by the Romanian government in October this year in Bucharest.