Stop The Gypsy Industry it is Wrong to use The Romani Culture to Profit

The word gypsy is being currently used to market items to a vast majority of people. Who have no idea who gypsies are, and the current oppression they face in the world. The romanticized view of the romani people needs to stop, people need to know we are not a fantasy or fairy tale. We are real people, and it is wrong to use us to make money. It is also wrong to ignore the racism and hatred towards romani people, by hiding it with a fantasized view of the people.

We Romani as a people want the hateful slur gypsy to be illegal and no longer to be used. It is similar to the usage of the word nigger. We want all attempts to profit off of our culture by anyone outside of our culture to end. We alone have the right to our culture and the profits of it, because it is who we are and our identity.