Declaration of Roma Interparliamentary Organization

Declaration of Roma Interparliamentary Organization

Belgrade, 07/05/2013 - The first meeting of the Roma Interparliamentary Organization, held on Tuesday, resulted in the signing of a declaration.
It defined the goals of the organization towards full inclusion of the Roma in all aspects of social life.
The declaration was signed at the Serbian parliament in Belgrade by Roma parliament members from Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Croatia and Bulgaria, while the creation of the document also included Roma MPs from Romania. 

The declaration says the legitimacy of the organization is based on the legitimacy of the fair and direct election of its members by the people, as well as on the democratic principles they will adhere to in their work. 

The organization will stimulate and support national and international activities as a partner to home and international institutions in defining policies, and be a reliable and constructive partner to all who wish to help solve the issues faced by the Roma, the declaration states. 

The Roma Interparliamentary Organization promised to base its activities on respect for appropriate declarations and conventions by the UN, OSCE, CE, IPU, EU, national legislative authorities and strategies adopted this decade and those that refer to Roma inclusion. 

The goals of the organization are to present an accurate situation regarding the Roma and their problems, support good national policies regarding Roma rights, cooperation with institutions of the UN, CE, EU and OSCE in human rights. 

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić addressed the meeting. Parliament Speaker Nobojša Stefanović, a number of ambassadors serving in Belgrade and Romani parliament officials from several countries attended the event.