Ederlezi Enthusiasm in İstanbul

Ederlezi, which is celebrated by many Balkan and Central Asian peoples but particularly embraced by Roma, is celebrated in İstanbul with a great enthusiasm. The celebrations in Ahırkapı, Kuştepe and Büyükçekmece were either traditional and modern. The famous Roma singer Kibariye was guest artist in the activity organized by Büyükçekmece municipality for Ederlezi and mother's day. Local Roma community leaving in the district participated to the activity. Roma residents of Kuştepe were too crowded in the activity in which famous Roma singers Orhan Esen, Kobra Murat ve Tarık Mengüç performed.  Roma from the other Roma districts also participated to the activity which was organized by Kuştepe Roma Flower Seller Association. The enthusiasm of the residents and university students remarked the celebrations in Ahırkapı similar to the celebrations of last year.The residents said that they are so happy with the support of university students. Ederlezi, which ise celebrated as the starting point of warm seasons, has a special meaning for Roma. According to a very ancient Roma legend, which is almost forgotten, the great king who provide peace and unity for Roma were lost in near waterfront in Ederlezi. He will turn back in an other Ederlezi and provide peace and unity for Roma again.