Rajamani performs an original composition of his own, blending Indian and flamenco musical styles the Rajamani way. One can see the origins of the Roma and their history as well as the roots of flamenco dance coming from India. Rajamani and the Indian vocalist Nagavalli Medicharla sing a deeply spiritual poem of Meera (a Princess of Rajasthan India). The Indian dancer is Reetu Jain and the Flamenco dancer is Olivia Chacon. 

According to Rajamani, this is immigrant music of the modern-day Indian as of the immigrant music of the Roma of old, being reinvented and interpreted. It is different from the fusion music of flamenco and Indian music and dance which is so commonly done with analytical percision today by many artists who are simply well versed in their traditions through years of rigorous training. This is not fusion music. This is an ongoing journey of music,lifestyle and tradition which has a common thread of history and culture.