Anticiganista Chaloupka requires introduction of a high-risk individuals and families. Relishes and cooperation with representatives of the SRP

Deputy Public Affairs Otto Chaloupka, known for his hate speeches at Roma on his website, draft amendments to laws dealing with mutual coexistence. Without any proof, here argues that social benefits are being abused and should be tough. "The system is generous to people who want to work and motivates an idle way of life." Chaloupka.Poslanec writes here in a text praises cooperation with Cenek Ruzicka and Stefan TIŠER of parties equal opportunities.

Risk-person family

The main point of his proposal for a "solution" is the Institute-risk persons or families (person / family who is receiving benefits in material need long term; visiting casinos / casino, consume alcohol or drugs; dose used in material need for any purpose other than to fulfill the necessities of life does not support the children in full-time education, committing crimes, etc.). "The so-called. Risk persons will be required to dostavovat at the appointed hour on weekdays at the designated place. At that point it will have to remain eight hours and follow the instructions of the authorized person. Failure to comply with this obligation, doses will be removed," ZPIS Chaloupka. Additional points Chaloupkova design are as follows: