Czech Budejovice Because Maya are planning another demonstration

Czech Budejovice - Just five shares due to the situation on May settlement may take place this week in Ceske Budejovice. In addition to today's discussion on the problems of life on the estate, which is organized by 17 h in the sports hall of the city, can also occur at other demonstrations.

The first one, according to organizers Radka Doležalová had on Friday show a negative attitude Budejovice population to violence, whether perpetrated by extremists or Roma. Like on the last Saturday and this time should take place in the conflict settlement meeting locals. Through Facebook, however, formed a group that wants a Saturday afternoon at the cinema to express dissatisfaction with problematic neighbors, but also with the way the riots the police intervened.Next Saturday's event, the parade of  the city on May, announced the controversial mystifier Lukáš Kohout. Expected to express this way
 "opposition to discrimination decent citizens in Ceske Budejovice" may to a thousand people.