French MP fined for saying Hitler 'didn’t kill enough Gypsies’

A French MP was fined 3,000 euros on Thursday for a racist outburst in which he said “maybe Hitler hadn't killed enough gypsies” during the Second World War.

Gilles Bourdouleix, a centre-right MP for the Maine-Loire department in western France, was touring a traveller camp where hundreds of caravans were parked illegally when he ranted in front of a reporter, who he later called “a little sh*t” for publishing his words.Prosecutors had asked for Bourdouleix, who did not attend the Angers court for the ruling, to be given a six-month prison sentence and a 5,000 euro fine for the French crime of praising historic crimes against humanity.“His behaviour was completely unacceptable,” prosecutor Yves Gambert told the court. “His words were an assault on our values and an incitement to racial hatred.”