Please ladies and gentlemen: the hunt for Roma is open!

Andrijano Dzeladin

"A good Indian is a dead Indian" said the Americans before exterminate or locked in concentration camps they called "reserve".Manuel Valls takes the idea of "American friend" saying: A good Rom Rom is expelled.The consequence of all these very official statements of our policies is not long: just take a look at the news that our sense of justice is suffocated.
An example taken from other citing Le Monde :
"The Marseilles burned Thursday night, the remains of a camp Rom after scares occupants. The police did not conduct any inquiry, arguing that the expulsion took place without physical violence."
Even Christophe Madrolle, Vice-President of the Urban Community of Marseille, said he was "shocked to acts" encouraged by the attitude of some politicians who lead to crime. 
"Chasing a population, destroying its (rare) property, because of its origin, it is a crime worthy of a sad time in our history, which no longer has a place in our republic," said the elected modem in a statement. "Yesterday, we pointed the finger Roma, today we burn their homes, but so where will we? Hunting Roma is open?"
The recent skid Manuel Valls makes confusion between organized crime and the Roma community, forgetting the basic statistics of what to do with indignation jump lawyers, scientists, politicians, top athletes, academics and others of Roma origin complained to the European Court of racist discrimination. In fact, our Minister of the Interior does associating the Roma ethnic organized crime forgetting that talking about 15-20 thousand people according to official figures, with a predominantly sedentary population, estimated at 800,000 people in France and 13 to 15 million in Europe.
The statement by the Minister of the Interior shows the rout authorities that evokes for us the darkest periods of our history. The coarseness of the elements of this "special treatment" leaves most people speechless, without reaction. Yet a handful of people fighting for the right of the community whose situation is getting worse every day.
When Manuel Valls adds to his despicable statements , "the Roma people have extremely different from our own lifestyles and who are obviously in confrontation with the local population," the Director General of FranceTerre Asylum denounced "irresponsible" and " total hypocrisy "of those words. React and how those really work on the land, in those famous insoluble slums?
"I strongly contest against these health and social stereotypes! SIGN exclaims Dr. Jean-François Corty, Director of Missions France Médecins du Monde, an association that mobile teams carry 4,000 consultations per year on the Roma population. From my field experience, I've never met a Roma who aspires to live in slums. The vast majority wants instead to settle, work, integrate, educate children. Simply, the deterioration of their living conditions with multiplication evictions without rehousing - families are being evicted ten to twenty times in three months - over-more precarious They are increasingly exposed to violence and mafias and access to care and work restriction hinders any possibility of. integrate. For this doctor, "that they do not have the same functions we" is an "aberrant" cliché. "No more or no less than Asians, he is shocked. And them, we do not expelled! "
Amnesty International is preparing to publish a report specifically on Roma, showing that "dismantling are a failure perfectly against-productive to address the issue of these people."
France to Earth Asylum, "fight against criminal networks should not mean ethniciser the issue of welcome and a treatment population, although it is understood that the temptation is very strong in our country in crisis corporation to designate another, especially when abroad, as responsible for our difficulties. "
"If we can not accommodate 15,000 Roma in France in housing or social housing, take care at least to stabilize the land they occupy by providing them with living conditions that are worthy estimated Dr Corty. But for this communal management is impossible, because the mayors. This is a regional or national level to act. "
When the misunderstanding settled at the highest level of a state like France with the very official statement by Minister Manuel Valls, the situation is really urgent. The lack of communication between the Roma community and the non-Roma a gulf ever seen in a modern and democratic society based on the talks, mutual understanding, and respect for minorities.
The Roma are an integral part of the European community! Against all those who say otherwise: protest, this is urgent!