Bianet, Istanbul, Turkey January 5, 2015

Nearly 100 families from the Gypsy community have been on the streets in the neighborhood of Istanbul Ataşehir early this morning after the Municipality bulldozers demolished their huts have. 8 years earlier they had lost their homes due to urban renewal projects in the housing area.
"Let them push us to the seaside to totally get rid of us. What difference does it make now? "Says Norman Dalkoparan.The demolition area was located adjacent to the water tank Kayisdagi a complex surrounded by apartment blocks.
The demolition was carried out at 5 am local time, while it is reported that the owners of the huts were not allowed to put the goods on the street because of the warnings Istanbul snowstorms.
"They do not accept Gypsies tenants."Nariman Dalkoparan moved to this area after his house was demolished in 2006 to Küçükbakkalköy."We still had a cabin here. We lived there for 30 years, one day they shaved our house, saying that we did not have his property papers. We lived in it for 8 years. I do not know if nobody takes baths in plastic containers, but we do. Now we are hunted. We have no more assets. »
Dalkoparan says she looking for an apartment for more than a month: "We are so sought, they do not accept Gypsies owners. They say that it is being rented or they raise prices. "
Then she presented her ID. "Read," she said.
"Where am I from? Istanbul. We are children of Istanbul, but no one sees the poor of Istanbul. They should push us into the sea to get rid of us. What difference does it make now? »
"What would have happened if a baby was trapped under the rubble? God thank you, we're still alive ... "she continues.
Nuray Demir, on the other hand, said that the tender children were lost in the debris. One of his daughters graduated from the university and its five other children are still studying. It has already sent to relatives so that way they can stay warm. However, they were unable to go to school today. And nobody knows what will happen.
The government must provide social housing 
Nebahat Bilgiç, president of an association promoting the rights of the Gypsy people (Anadolu ve Yakası Romanları Yaşatma Kalkındırma Derneği) tells Bianet they are struggling to provide social housing for people for six months by meeting with officials in Ankara .
Bilgiç urged officials to find a solution to the problem by providing social housing.
On the other hand, officials of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies came to the demolition area, promising rent subsidies if families could find a place to live. However, they remained uncertain about the fact that the government could not or provide their social housing.
Gypsies say they are looking for apartments but that's denied because of their Gypsy origin.
For the Municipality of Ataşehir: "We can not prevent the demolition" .
Bianet also contacted Cafer ozilhan, spokesperson of the Municipality ' Ataşehir (NDT: Municipality CHP, Turkish PS member of the Socialist International).
"24 houses were demolished. Neither the property nor demolitions orders came from us. Police and municipal teams were assigned only for security reasons. A municipality can not legally prevent demolition. Nobody has submitted requests housing also, "he said.
Finally, Gypsies are now seeking refuge and help. We know clearly where they are, but where will they end up is still uncertain.