In the capital of Macedonia during two protests. One before government MRTV other before.

One organized by the Rroma  opposition coalition partner PCER, other than Stojanche Angelov, leader of Dignity.Thousands of people are attent the pprotest and  support of Angelov also  "liberation" of national service that require release of audio recordings that were released opozicijata.Vo currently play "bombs" SDSM speaker before MRTV.

Stojanche Angelov announced that it will try to peacefully enter the building, as a revolt of non-publication of "bombs" opozicijata.

From the other hand, before the Government resonate audio recordings that are of concern electoral developments in Suto Orizari. 

"We have an image, you have white image you are from Belize and lie that will increase social welfare, "said the Lieder of the Rromani Political Party PCER  Ibraimovski President.

The protesters demanded the resignation of the Minister and say that they were made preset  not  attent the protests.