"City leaders in Miskolc offered Gulyas Ferenc a small sum of money to leave and not return. 'It’s a trap,' Ferenc told me. 'You can’t buy a house or even rent long-term with this money.' Three times a month, he said, municipal leaders come to the settlements to inspect. 'They are very aggressive. If you have a problem with your papers, they put you out in the street. People who don’t have family to go to end up in homeless shelter.'"
Please, follow the link to learn more about Miskolc Roma settlement through a short film, 'Számozott utca', created by the BUVERO 2014 team entitled Luludya! This film is an investigation into the atrocious ways in which the Romani people from Miskolc were treated, with regards to the recent unfolding of events from that area:https://vimeo.com/104553060