I want to dedicate this day TO CONGRATULATE ALL THOSE NON-ROMA who did more than a Roma would have ever been able to do! Those non-Roma who wholeheartedly dedicated hours and days far from their families to support actions which lead towards better life of their Roma fellows! I know many, I've learned from many and I'm sure that without them Roma Inclusion programs would have not been so advanced today!

ALSO, I want to raise the awareness of my Roma fellows to BEWARE OF THOSE SO CALLED PRO-ROMA ACTIVIST AND EXPERTS who would have not been able to reach success in any other field but selected Roma activism as their only way-out! You can easily recognize them by assessing - How many Roma they have supported to grow-up in this area? How much do they earn in comparison with their Roma colleagues for the same work? How do they recruit? Do they support Roma identity protection? Do they support synergies and cooperation among Roma or they promote competition? Do they involve capable Roma or "easy to control" Roma?