A documentary by Remmelt Lukkien featuring Ion Vasile, Mihály Rostás, Rudko Kawczynski

58 min. documentary about remarkable Roma & Sinti in Germany, Hungary and Romania. Directed by Remmelt Lukkien. EUROPE'S NEGLECTED MINORITY, Roma and Sinti, generally known as gypsies, have been living in Europe for over 500 years. They are true Europeans: all European countries have a small or large Roma/Sinti minority among their nationals. But from time immemorial these minorities have had troubles to fit in. As the Roma and Sinti populations grow fast, the problems also grow. But few people care.

INSIDE STORIES - By focusing on 3 remarkable individuals in 3 different countries, 1 Sinti and 2 Roma, this film attempts to create a better understanding of these often misunderstood people. With true candidness these 3 men, a political leader, an unpaid schoolteacher and a traditional storyteller, talk about their lives. Their stories provide a rare insight into different aspects of the culture, traditions and daily reality of Europe's largest minority.

Thanks to Ion Vasile, Mihály Rostás, Rudko Kawczynski. Camera Marco Nauta, sound Pepijn Aben, editing Miro Andrzejewski. Produced for IKON TV. © 1994 Lasso Film & TV Production, Amsterdam, Netherlands. - AVAILABLE ON DVD from lassofilm@gmail.com - Other films by Remmelt Lukkien: https://vimeo.com/28197954