The camping trailers model- an external perception of Roma housing: values and challenges

The artilce is writen by Xhekson Cela Rromani Student at CEU 

One of the heading issues recently affecting Roma community in Albania is housing. Over 25 years, the housing situation in Albania was unstable for many Roma families, (E. Mato, personal communication, February 3, 2016) in the last three years there were evictions taking place in different Roma settlements[1]

The rationale behind these evictions were either the idea that Roma were occupying public spaces (Haxhiu, 2013), or the unclear legal status of the dwell. Due to past employment issues, many Roma had to leave their places in order to get close to resources, but many failed to manage a proper legal settling, as tens of families live for approximately 10-20 years in barracks on informal sites and somehow segregated. Some many of them moved into former state warehouses. In both cases they do not have a property certificate and are in the running process to obtain one from the competent institution under the Albanian legislation. Since then, little is done to draw out efficient, long-term suitable solutions in this regard. Following the actual situation I would like to comment and provide some explanatory arguments on one interesting aspect of housing which is taking place recently. My perspective will be focused on what discursive basis and rationale is the housing aspect in this paper designed. Also, I would like to spot the positive aspects of this approach based on values, and at the same time some of the challenges that might emerge in the future.