The Rromani Story in the past time

The Rromani story is to much big its was done in the past time but they did not know the really story, its was done but the Rromani people did know because of the literacy that we have wonderful story. The big problems   between Rroma were the literacy they did want to goes at school to learn. If they know how to write the Rroma will wrote the real history troy the time where was walking around the world.But the people know follow the Rromani people was wrote all they movement in the world.

At the present time the Rromani people looking the real story about them, even we have literacy people who are research the Rromany story they can not find the real just only we have for present day not so much for the past time. As we know the Rromani people are nomad and they move before 11-12 century from India then start the big movement to the world and after the many wars the Rromani people was killed ,tortured  and the most tragic is that the people know us as no literacy, thief, liar, living at camp .no literacy, circus  etc.

The World,

Al around  the world has lot Rromani people where nobody knows the real number ,each country where are the Rromani people are not so much welcome most of them discriminated from the non roma even in  21century the people are not so much welcome. This is the reason why many Rroma ask them self what happen in the past, what the Rromani people did for the world in the present time to not like the Rroma.
The world story of the Rromani people are so sad and nobody know what is happen that ,many international organization try to help  for the Rroma in the world to change the opinions of the people in the world  , but still the opinion  of the people its same  can not change, for them you are low class non literacy and more,  but  in the world has people who respect us as human been and equal like to be closer with us in this  planet.

The Rromani story at present time,
At this time the new generation is totally different then than past, they like to educated them self to write about the Rromani story ,what happen at present time but still is the missing the past story about the Rromani people.
As we know that the Rromani people don’t have property country they live all around the world and accepted they way of the living but the traditional, culture and the most imported the language is keeping. At the present time we have intelegented people who are on the cultural. Political education active where are helping at the present time for the Rromani people in the world.
In the 1971 april 8 was decelerated that Rroma people are the oldest minority in the world and recognize the language, anthems, flags and the most god things we have our name as Rroma people not as gypsy. Since that day all the country respects us as normal people.
Now the Rromani story is totally different then the past time now you can write the story and learn about the Rromani people  also you can publish book send to the school university and study and meet the Rromani peole in that way you can  be closer with them and change the opinion about them.
In the European level the Rroma are totally different than the other continents, they like to evaluated in the society to integrated to protect them self from the discrimination, has lot organization who is working on the Anti-Gypsysim im Europe.

            That is the real story of the present time for the Rromani people in the world 

                                                                                                                                Elez Bislim
                                                                                                                           WORLD RROMA