Help for Roma

Hristo KYUCHUKOV | Ph. D., DrSc | University of Silesia in ...Many Roma in East European countries and in Turkey are isolated in ghetto types of settlements, because of Coronavirus.  In most of the  East European countries, the governments surrounded the settlements with police and the Roma are not allowed to live the settlements. There are no shops in the settlements and the Roma can not buy food. In some of the settlements, there is no water, no disinfection materials, no tests for Coronavirus. Several millions of Roma men, women and children in East European countries and Turkey are literary starvings. We need urgent action in order to help and save lives. If the Roma do not die from  Coronavirus, they will definitely die from hunger. Let us help them as soon as possible. There are families who did not eat anything last few days.  Let us help them to  get through the pandemic crises