Who is Gratan Puxon? Biographical short documentary

Grattan Puxon has been an activist and campaigner for the rights of the Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) a community for over 50 years. He was a founding member of The Gypsy Council and has been heavily involved in international movements aimed at increasing the rights of the GRT community. He has greatly contributed to the running of World Romani Congresses and numerous other international GRT events.
In his early activist years, he was involved in the eviction of Orchard Farm, a settlement just outside of Dublin in Ireland. More recently, Grattan was heavily involved in the campaign to stop the eviction of Dale Farm in Essex, which was the home a large number of families and individuals from the GRT community. He became secretary of Dale Farm Housing Association (DFHA) which offered support and guidance for those affected by the eviction and arranged legal representation for the re-housing of Dale Farm residents. Grattan was a public advocate for the campaign and was featured heavily in the press during this time. Grattan also heavily campaigned for memorials for members of the GRT community which were killed during the holocaust and fought on behalf of asylum seekers from the GRT community. In addition to his activist and campaign work, Grattan has also written several books relating to the history and experiences of the GRT community. His titles include: ‘Free Born Traveller’, ‘On The Road’ and ‘Rom: Europe’s Gypsies’. Grattan remains an active campaigner for equal rights of the GRT community.