Mihajlovic signed an agreement for the inclusion of Roma men and women worth 10 million euros

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlović signed today with the German Organization for International Cooperation - GIZ Agreement on Cooperation "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in the Republic of Serbia", worth 10 million euros. Mihajlovic, who chairs the Government's Coordination Body for Monitoring the Implementation of the Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma Men and Women in Serbia pointed out that it is important to create conditions for members of the Roma community for a sustainable and quality lifestyle.

"Through the work we do together, we fight to have as few prejudices and stereotypes as possible. Officially, there are about two percent of Roma men and women in Serbia, but in fact, there are many more. And what I insist on is that each of us understands that there are no first- and second-class citizens in our country. We are implementing this through the Strategy, action plans and projects that we are working with international partners and local governments, "she said.

The Deputy Prime Minister thanked GIZ for the successful cooperation and support in the previous years of joint work.