Saban Bajramovic passed away 12 years ago

Saban Bajramovic passed away 12 years ago, and the music world lost one recognizable vocal and energy. "Time" magazine ranked him among the 10 greatest blues singers in the world, and on the anniversary of his death, his "Black Bamba" did not forget him, whose trumpet was still heard today on the Nisava Quay, near the monument of legends writes Southern news 

From Nišvilawhich every year dedicates a part of the festival to Bajramović through the award that bears his name and concerts on the quay, they write that Shaban was one of the greatest legends.
Nišvila, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Serbia, organized a concert "Friends of Shaban" in Belgrade's Sava Center six months after Bajramovic's death, featuring Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, Yildiz Ibrahimova, Dado Topic, Sounds of South, Louis, Zoran Predin, Crne Mambe, Dixie Drive and the queen of Roma music Esma Redžepova.

Shaban has performed in Nišvilaseveral times, and the Grand Prix, which has been awarded for years for the fusion of jazz and other musical styles - took the name of Shaban Bjaramovic during his lifetime.

The info is taken from Rom Mini Info :