The Romani road: Australia's Gypsy culture

Turned away at caravan parks, treated as shirkers or swindlers, even as a fairytale. Stereotypes have followed Australia's Romani “Gypsies” since the First Fleet. But step inside their culture, music and travel stories. You might even be inspired to hit the road. In the living room, I'm greeted by a verbose parrot in a cage and an excited dog. We sit at their dining room table and uncork a bottle of red. Yvonne and I have been corresponding for about a year, but this is the first time we've met in person. As Dave attends to cooking lunch in the adjoining kitchen, she begins to tell me about her life.

“Not many people know this,” she says in her soft, almost musical voice, “But after the Jews, Romanies were the most targeted ethnic group by the Nazi regime.”

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