AMERICAN COMMUNITIES-Macedonian Roma: Hidden in Plain Sight

 New York  City-Bronx -around the neighborhood north of Pelham Parkway in The Bronx, near the famed Arthur Avenue Market, and you could be forgiven for assuming you are in the midst of the Little Italy of New York City’s northernmost borough... …until you see the little mosque and Islamic Center tucked in a neighborhood dominated by Italian restaurants. You hear snippets of a Balkanesque language emanating from a tiny sports bar down the street. 

And perhaps you realize you have stumbled on a different ethnic conclave. It is a Macedonian Roma community, but unless you are familiar with this unique ethnic culture, you may not recognize it. A tight-knit group of about 350 families, the Bronx Roma are not so easy to find — and they prefer it that way. 

The article is taken from Sonya Jasarevka 

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