Message by President Pendarovski on European Holocaust Memorial Day for Sinti and Roma

Today we remember a horrific date in history when about 4,300 Roma and Sinti were slaughtered in the Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp during World War II. That dim ideology allowed the greatest evil in history to take place, causing the loss of millions of lives, including some 500,000 Roma and Sinti from Europe and the Balkans.

Although this year marks 75 years of the victory over fascism, some current facts and events that revive historical injustices against the Roma are still worrying. The growing intensity of racism, anti-Gypsyism, discrimination and hate speech against members of the Roma community continue to support its exclusion, to some extent even isolation from other communities. Prejudices and stereotypes related to their ethnicity remain the main obstacle to equal treatment in the exercise of fundamental human rights and freedoms. The denial of the genocide against Roma and Sinti, in addition to recycling the once inflicted injustice also prevents the opportunity to learn from each other, for each other, and to build mutual trust, respect, and understanding

The article  is taken from the web site of the President of North Republic of Macedonia