Meeting with the Roma Association " SKOKRA", Federation From the Americas 13.03.2021

The meeting is organized by Jorge Bernal from Argentina, the discussion was daily information by each country for Romani People. The Roma in the Americas have a presence in most of the countries of this part of the World, 

The American Continent is huge and is separated into 3, North, Central, and South America. When the cultural and the ethnic diversity of the American continent is discussed, however, the existence of the Roma, Calon, Xoraxane, Bayash, Kale, and Kalderash as an ethnic, the group is many times systematically ignored by the people from some of the countries of the region.

This association’s goal is to turn into positive the visibility of the Roma Groups living in this part of the World, something that SKOKRA has been fighting for since its creation, as a good example of this the fight can be mentioned the goals that one of its co-founder member associations PRORROM, achieved in Colombia, and this is: effective policies regarding the minorities living in this country and especially towards the Roma People from there, where were developed in the last two decades real measures and policies for the inclusion of all the minorities living in this territory, although and thanks to SKOKRA other countries in the region will follow its examples too.

The Romani groups present in the Americas have been arriving from the beginning of the colonization,  and most of them after the First and the Second World Wars, as well as with the migration processes, continuing up to the present.

Romani settlement in Latin America took place along with the settlement of huge masses of European Immigrants from everywhere, Italians, Spanish, Germans, Anglos, Europeans and others who came from every corner of the World, mostly to North America, but also to Central America and South America to some countries like Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, which received the biggest amount of immigrants.

While Roma has preserved their distinct culture, traditions, and language, however in the Major Society is known very little about them, and  this is a goal of the Roma Federation "SKOKRA " to promote the Romani culture and traditions and break the stereotypes,  and in the meanwhile to develop a continental network, something that they have been doing, to help the Romani families in the countries where they are in need, and to continue developing an Independent Political Movement in the whole region.

The association is working on the promotion of each country where the Romani People live and  on fighting for the Civil Rights of the Romani People by showing to the non-Roma that we are equal in rights as citizens of the countries where we live. The the vast majority of the non-Roma are not aware of our origins, groups, diversity, migration processes, as well as of the persecution of Roma during the Nazi regime and after that regime.

The meetings was organized by Jorge Bernal from Argentina