Fighting poverty across the EU - one of the bloc’s top priorities

How does the European Union use cohesion funds to reduce poverty and inequality across the bloc? Our first stops are in two of the EU’s poorest countries, Bulgaria and Romania, to look at the role that EU aid plays in the areas of education and public transport. We also visit one of Europe’s richest countries - France - to see how the European Union can help to level up parts of the EU that display some surprising inequalities.

Our guests are experts on just how valuable EU funds are for Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s Minister in charge of EU funds, Atanas Pekanov, University Professor of European Affairs, Ingrid Shikova and Representative of the European Commission in Sofia, Cvetan Kyulanov.

In Romania, Luke Brown looks at efforts to reduce exclusion for the Roma community. Education has been a key vector since Romania joined the EU in 2007 - but many within the community remain frustrated by the lack of progress.

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