The Romani IT web Portal from Bajram Ramadan

 This portal, in addition to serving to inform the Roma community about information technology in the area of hardware and software, we will also have interviews and presentations of Roma digital creators who work on various topics: programming, design, video editing, 3D animation, etc. 

We are starting to develop in a good direction, we have engineers, programmers, designers, video editors who are real professionals in their work. Today, believe it or not, we have the first Roma woman with a degree in IT engineering - Department of Computer Systems and networks. 

We have young people studying and studying who will be engineers, programmers, designers, etc. in the future. I think we are stuck somewhere back in 1971, when the Roma flag and the Roma anthem were brought, from then to today nothing has been changed or even digitized. In general, we are passive people and we wait for someone else to do the work for us. 

You can find more information in any other language than in ours. It is the idea that the Romani IT Community serves as a Roma Community that will contribute to the development and digitization of the Roma identity, language, culture, business, etc.

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