After four months they are there. Four months they live in a Hall Station: Roma families, including many children. There are even two babies aged one month. Bernard De Vos, managing director for children's rights, was in microphone for RTL TVI Col. Mathieu: "These children have been known since the beginning of their lives a lousy mattress with scabies, lice, rats. A hygiene situation difficult. "

Where to go?
For four months everything has been tried, but in the early hours Monday, they will be expelled from the station and find themselves in the street. There is no question of leaving the health situation to deteriorate further.Secretary of State, Bruno de Lille, has made ​​the decision to evacuate. Bernard De Vos replied: " These families have nowhere to go. I can already hear the speech they have to go home. "

"They are Europeans"
What to do? The problem of families, their provenance. They are from Slovakia. A member of the European Union.They therefore can not be legally considered as asylum seekers or illegal. The Minister considers therefore can not do anything. Maggie De Block, Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration: " They are not Europeans and asylum seekers. can offer them a voluntary return if they agree. " Bruno De Vos, him, emphasizes a legal contradiction: " We have laws that do not allow European migrants have the same guarantees as host of migrants who come to Africa for example. " The solution would be a temporary care in SPEs. In their home country, European or not, these Roma have always been a minority, often discriminated against.