The Governor Visited Roma
The governor of İstanbul Hüseyin Avni Mutlu who visited
 the public foundations which are still being built in
 Kağıthane district also made a conversation with 
Roma living in Yahya Kemal neighbourhood of Kağıthane. 
The governor, who were welcomed by the community 
leader of Yahya Kemal Roma Cemil Akmaca 
and the other residents, listened the 
problems of local Roma community.
The governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu visited Merkez Grade School, 
Hacı Ethem Uktem Grade School, İmece Grade School, 
Atatürk Grade School, Kağıthane Board of Trade Grade School and 
Yahya Kemal Sport Center and got information about the 
situation of buildings. He was also informed about the housing 
problem of local Roma community by the residents who welcomed him. 
Roma living in Yahya Kemal neighbourhood, who explained 
that they live in unsound structures under terrible conditions 
around the neighbourhood, said that a new Roma neighbourhood
 which will be built in the district will be a certain solution for 
their housing problem. The governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu 
said that TOKİ (Mass Housing Administration) can build mass 
housing for Roma with suitable conditions in the district. 
He offered to the residents to collect signatures and to apply
 to the governorship about the issue. The governor had many 
souvenir photos taken with Roma living in the district before 
he left the district.

Source: Media Roma İstanbul