Brussels: Romani women critique Czech town’s social inclusion program
Brussels, 23/04/2013 - Jakub Dürr, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the European Union, received a visit in Brussels on 9 April 2013 from Romani women activists and NGO representatives from the Czech Republic. The meeting was attended by Romani activists Elena Gorolová, Iveta Horváthová, Ivanka Mariposa Čonková and Gabriela Hrabaňová. Among other matters, the women criticized the Social Inclusion Program of the municipality of Ostrava, which is slated for EU financial support.
"The meeting at the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union was arranged by Amnesty International and the ERGO Network. Those organizations wanted to show the Romani women activists in more detail what the work of authorities in Brussels is about,” Hrabaňová told news server