Sofia, 12/04/2013 - Six lounges in Bulgaria and one in Hamburg will provide all Bulgarians who work or want to work in Germany with information on their social rights, BNR reports. The lounges will be established as part of a European Commission’s project, with the cooperation of the Bulgarian Confederation of Labour Podkrepa. Currently, the German market is strictly regulated and only highly qualified employees and seasonal workers are granted permission to work in Germany. Official data by the German government shows 80% of Bulgarians in Germany are qualified and well integrated in the German labour market, the Bulgarian caretaker Labour Minister, Deyana Kostadinova, said following a meeting with Claudia Roth, leader of Alliance90/the Greens, the Duma daily learned. Germany does not expect mass Roma immigration after the labour market is opened, said Ms Roth. The German delegation is in Bulgaria to become familiar with the measures implemented on Roma integration into society. BNR adds that Bulgarians immigrate to Germany due to the higher income.