Roma Meeting in İstanbul

Various Roma associations from different cities participated to the meeting organized by Marmara Roma Associations Federations in İstanbul in 2013, April 28 Sunday. The final declaration of Roma Workshop organized recently by the federation were introduced to the publicity in the meeting to which the main opposition party president CHP Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu also participated.

Problems of local Roma community like urban renewal, unemployment were discussed in the meeting. Participators also offered some solution for the topics. The president of the main opposition party also gave a speech concerning the point of view declared in the Roma Workshop. Some organizational problems in the meeting caused discontent of some of the administrators of the associations that they weren't called to the platform to salute the participators. Edirne mayor Hamdi Sedefçi and his friends were also a little bit sorry about the issue.

Meanwhile, there were an other Roma activity in İstanbul. Turkey Roma Platform president Fahrettin Savcı and his friends made a press statement in Taksim to acknowledge prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the governing party for their Roma policies. Savcı, who says the policies of the government will succesfull in the long run, said he appreciate Famil and Social Policies minister Fatma Şahin.
Roma are happy that political parties started to focus on Roma issues recently. However, it's seen as a problematic issue that some Roma NGOs are being instrumentalized by political parties. It's also possible that political diversion of Roma NGO can cause a dangerous tension among Roma communities.