8th International Roma Congress Gathered

International Romani Union organized 8th International Congress of Roma in Sibiu Romania in 2013, April 7-8. The new administration of the union is selected in the congress to where the participants from 35 different countries participated. The president of the administration which is elected for a term of four years became Cioaba Florin. 

8th of  International Roma Congress which was gathered first in London in 1971 April 8 was organized in Sibiu Romania. International Romani Union which has a consultancy status in UN anounced that trust, transpareceny and participation are among their main principles. Famous Romani singer Esma Recepova also participated to the new administration of the union. 

There are organizations claiming to represent Roma like World Roma Organization and Balkan Roma Association which was established last week in İstanbul besides International Romani Union. Critics examine the representation ability of these organization and claim that they are not doing their best to overcome prejudices Roma face in the countries they live.

Source: IRU