Euro Cafè with a different taste

Traditionally, spring day or St. George’s day is celebrated by both Orthodox Christian and Muslim Roma people who organize picnics and outdoor events. This year the last day of St. George’s festivities coincided with the celebration of Europe Day on 9th May. Due to rainy weather, the Association for development of Roma community – Sumnal ( decided to organize a Euro Cafè event in its offices instead of a picnic in the park.

DSC_0375Young Roma people spent time together celebrating Europe Day and discussing issues over a cup of coffee. They expressed their needs, thoughts and priorities in the fields of education, human rights and equal opportunities, the environment, culture and youth.DSC_0400The main objective of the event was to share European values ​​and principles and to work on their practical  implementation in our country.DSC_0373In the spirit of goodwill and friendship, Roma people invited members of the US Embassy to join their picnic as they are next door neighbors. Kim Spivak, Education and Youth Outreach Coordinator at the American Embassy and Chris Henshaw, Senior Resident Director of National Democratic Institute in Macedonia joined the young Roma people at the Euro Cafè.
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