In acute cases wants government plenipotentiary for Roma communities  wait for provisioning challenges. 

BRATISLAVA. In acute cases will not need to wait for the subsidy to call the Office of the Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities.Some of the money will Office municipalities and other eligible applicants administered by a crisis situation, as soon as it will be addressed.
Such an amendment in the context of the government bill on reporting residence of a population register today for human rights Parliamentary Committee is the representative of the Government and member of Peter Pollak. His amendment passed the committee."Since the crisis can not be predicted, the necessary legal path to be dealt with acute," Pollak explained his intention.As Pollak said, it does not mislead any news, only to return to the state that existed prior to the delimitation of the Office under the Ministry of Interior. The present rule, the call must be published 45 days.

Along with evaluating projects can process until the money definitely, take three months.
In a crisis situation will therefore be allocated money without waiting for office and just watched. Similarly, the system provides as prime minister of his own money to reserve flats for residents of Letanovce."But draw attention and emphasize that we do not have great resources, so that we can use," said Representative.he Authority has grants available to 1.5 million euros for the full year. Setting should be such that the challenges are divided over two thirds of the money and the rest will go to sudden emergency situations.
Pollak and those under the Ministry of Interior means circumstances caused by natural disasters. The money will also help to ensure the supply of electricity, water and fuel to communities."The list of eligible applicants are the same subjects as those in the case of subsidies through the challenges. Individuals are not eligible applicants, or it will never be," said Pollak.It will be that governments will not have to contribute five percent to deal with such acute problems.