Outdoor center to support young Suto Orizari

The opening was attended by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Spiro Ristovski, member of the board of EVN Macedonia Igor Gievski Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia, Sait SaitiMinister Ristovski said that the opening of this office is of great importance for the development of the municipality and expressed gratitude to EVN Macedonia donation.- Maybe it's not so bulky and huge project but the physical appearance is of great importance especially for the Roma community because with this project and the involvement of many young Roma volunteers, with their direct involvement in the overall joint function in the overall functioning of community with direct responsibility for their support, assistance of every single citizen of Shuto Orizari think that social responsibility can be increased to a higher level and a higher stage, said Minister Ristovski.

General Secretary of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia Saiti Sait said the office will have multiple uses that are closely linked with humanitarian work of the Red Cross.- Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia by the Red Cross of Skopje in the past two years carried out a project in the Red Cross called "community development". Nature and Purpose of the project is to strengthen the capacity of local communities, in this case it was the territory of the municipality of Suto Orizari he said.

Said opening and establishment of such a center incurred as a need of the community.

Informed that its formation involved over 30 volunteers, young people from the territory of Suto Orizari and expressed expectation that the Centre each year will receive 50 dozen new volunteers.Member of the board of EVN, said Igor Gievski EVN as a company will continue to cooperate with the Red Cross, and hoped that soon will again be present at the opening of more such centers in several municipalities.