Roma in SapancaProtested Urban Renewal

Roma living in Sapanca district of Sakarya (Marmara region, Turkey) continue to protest the decision of urban renewal in their neighborhood. Because they believe that the price which will be paid to them for their houses is too low. Almost 100 Roma blocked the road, from where the minister of economy Zafer Çağlayan had been planned to pass, for a short time to share their infelicity about the urban renewal with him. Houses of Roma families living in Gazipaşa neighborhood in Sapanca will be demolished in the context of urban renewal. 

Roma families who find very low the price which will be paid them for the houses have protested the decision for a while. In the previous days, Roma families claiming that they are victims of the process blocked the road which is on incoming route of Zafer Çağlayan. They opened  the road soon with the negotiations they made with local police officials. Meanwhile, they made a press statement about their situation. One of the residents said that he has been offered to be paid 30.000 turkish liras and according to him this price is not enough to buy  a house in anywhere’s. He also said that he appeal to TOKİ (Mass Housing Administration) for a new house and they asked him to pay at least 60.000 turkish liras advance payment  for a new house.