Rromani Paramis 

I Rromani paramis si but bari thaj sine kerdi but maj paluno vakti numa na dzanena da sine i cahachutni paramis e Rromengiri, but maj palale kerdi sine,khote numa amare rroma na dzanlela sine da isjamen but sukare paramis. Maj but problemi sine o hramobiba na sine but sikjovne amare Rroma na dzana sine ki sikavani za da te sikljon. 

The Rromani Story 

The Rromani story is to much big its was done in the past time but they did not know the really story, its was done but the Rromani people did know because of the literacy that we have wonderful story. The big problems between Rroma were the literacy they did want to goes at school to learn. If they know how to write the Rroma will wrote the real history troy the time where was walking around the world.But the people know follow the Rromani people was wrote all they movement in the world.