Forced held on July 17 in the slums of Puerta de Hierro in Madrid evictions, led about 300 people to a dramatic situation.Among them, 70 are children. Which Shakira GN six years. She has cancer and after being evicted from the home of his grandparents, she must live in a van.
The NGO Amnesty International denounced the situation of the girl that was recently diagnosed "a brain tumor with a very poor prognosis" .

Amnesty said it is not his first expulsion. The house where she lived with her parents and siblings was demolished in January. This time, she had not even had time to get her clothes and toys. Home of grandparents where the family had taken refuge, was also demolished in July.
Without a roof over your head, family Shakira live miserably "in the open" or refuge in a van. NGO warns that this situation has a negative impact on the health of the child, who suffers "anxiety and nervousness" when she received the treatment against the cancer.
Amnesty says that Madrid does not meet "international standards of human rights" since suitable accommodation is not available for those evicted. "We refuse to most of these people rehousing and what other offers does not meet international standards of adequate housing, since separating families. Example, elderly and dependent people could no longer rely on the support their families, "denounces the NGO in a statement.
The organization claims to have contacted the municipal authorities but remains unanswered. That is why it has launched an online petition calling on the Madrid City Council to provide adequate housing for families of Puerta de Hierro. The initiative has already collected more than 29,500 signatures.
The Huffington Post Spain also tried to contact the officials of the Urban Municipality of Madrid, but for now there is no response.
VIDEO: The situation in Puerta de Hierro, Madrid